Chubbies Shorts is a popular clothing brand that specializes in creating shorts for men. Established in 2011, Chubbies Shorts has gained a strong following for its distinctive style, emphasis on comfort, and playful approach to fashion.


Headless Migration

API and App Integrations

Conversion Rate Optimization

Speed and Performance Optimization


09 Nov 2020

Project Brief

The continuous improvement and enhancement of Chubbies website through ongoing maintenance and optimization tasks. Additionally, the project includes the migration of the website to a headless architecture to enhance flexibility and performance.

Project Scope

The scope for Chubbies is an ongoing retainer relationship to continuously improve their website, user experience, and performance by providing full stack development.

Featured Projects:

  • Page Speed Optimization
  • Bug fixes and troubleshooting
  • Conversion Rate Optimization Tests using Dynamic Yield and Builder:
    • Announcement Bars
    • Product Page Features
    • Urgency Timers
  • Shorts Finder Product Recommendations
  • Announcement Bar Carousel with Timer Toggle
  • Product Bundler
  • Headless Migration
  • and more!


Since working with Chubbies:

Their sales have increased by 79%.

Their conversion rate has increased by 47%.

Their abandonment rates have decreased by 31%.

Their customer lifetime value has increased by 56%.

Their average order value has increased by 24%.